Managed Firewall

Manage your firewall through a single pane of glass.

83% of all unplanned network outages are caused by mistakes; 70% of those mistakes are firewall-related. That shouldn’t be surprising, because security and operations teams like yours are inundated with change requests, and most are still handled manually.

What’s more, the rush to meet SLAs can force you to make compromises to security or compliance. Xtel lets you say goodbye to compromising security in the name of expediency with the visibility and tools you need.

Xtel’s Managed Firewall provides administration, monitoring and maintenance of firewall infrastructure, freeing you from the burden of policy management, upgrades and patch deployment.

So, what is managed firewall?

Managed firewall is a service provided by qualified managed security services providers (MSSPs) to address security threats and to monitor your network traffic to understand what it typically looks like, so that atypical use can be easily identified and corrected. The security professionals who monitor your network provide analysis and reporting as part of the managed firewall package.

Managed firewall service includes:

  • Application Control– Block or rate-limit applications or specific features to maximize employee productivity on any device.
  • Web Content Filtering– Block access to malicious or objectionable websites by leveraging a threat database that categorizes websites based on content.

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