Government Telecommunication Services
Your community trusts you to provide the best services for them. Trust Xtel to provide the best service for you.

When you’re entrusted with providing reliable government services within tight budget constraints, you need a telecommunications provider equally prepared for the task. Because no two governing units have the same needs, Xtel offers scalable, reliable telecommunications solutions tailored to meet those needs while ensuring that you stay within budget.

Save significant administrative costs by merging voice and data with Xtel’s hosted PBX, the technology that combines all the features and benefits of your traditional phone system with the advanced functionality of the Internet. Hosted PBX is designed to connect multiple locations and remote employees within a single, feature-rich network controlled through your Internet browser.

Xtel’s Network Operations Center is located in Philadelphia and equipped with disaster avoidance features designed to protect our customers against network outages. The fully redundant network provides tight security and ensures immediate route changes in the event of a network failure.

You can rest easy knowing your communications systems will be there when you need them. That’s peace of mind…to the Power of X.


VoIP Phone Systems provide eXceptional benefits and outstanding value. Create a phone network that lets your workforce communicate seamlessly and instantly. Set up dedicated hotlines with always-on messages. The possibilities and advantages are virtually endless!


High-speed Internet is a critical component in providing government and government agencies the ability to communicate and collaborate 24/7. Is your Internet fast and reliable enough to meet the needs of your data and communications?


Wi-Fi Capacity is an ever-increasing need as more and more devices are being used by government and government agencies. We can help! Need to connect office locations in a city, county or across your state? WAN Networks provide immediate benefits by centralizing IT and maximizing efficiency.


Cloud Solutions enable “anywhere – anytime” collaboration for your government offices and agencies. With our robust IP network backbone at your service, file and data management systems are handled securely and privately.

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