Emergency Mass Notification Systems

Protect Your Students and Staff in an Emergency

Immediately and automatically notify everyone on school or office grounds that an emergency event has commenced.

Xtel has integrated its Hosted Voice platform with Syn-Apps Revolution, a market leader in mass notification systems. This powerful platform brings advanced notification, paging, and communications methods to the Xtel platform. Simply called ENS (Emergency Notification System), the platform can fully address a school district, office, or municipality’s communication needs for emergency alerts, active threat and lockdown, and general mass notification.

Protect People
And Assets

Fast, flexible & reliable communication is critical for your school, municipality, or business safety. We understand your duty to protect and inform your people and protect your assets during emergency situations. ENS’ rapid activation and proven scalability ensure notifications are delivered within a matter of seconds and without delay.


ENS is fully integrated with Xtel’s Hosted Phone system. Any phone can activate the system which allows for alert activation points throughout your school district or facility.

One Button Notification

Instantly notify all parties that an active threat or emergency has commenced with the touch of a button.

Unify Disparate Systems

Along with Xtel’s Hosted Phone system, ENS ties together paging systems, analog speakers, analog phones, mobile devices, desktop clients, strobes, bells, and more. 

Alyssa’s Law requires all school districts to have a panic alarm equipped.

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