Xtel vs Zoom

In what ways is Xtel’s MaX service superior to the popular video conferencing app Zoom?

Zoom has become the world’s largest application for online meetings and conferences during these unprecedented times. However, you may not be aware that using this platform can put your organization at risk.

Xtel’s MaX Meeting is integrated directly with Xtel’s Unified Communications platform, so meetings can be orchestrated seamlessly within Xtel’s mobility application and phone system. There is no need to have a separate application for your video conference meetings because it is already included within Xtel’s mobility application.

Xtel Max Meeting addresses the following issues that have been identified with the Zoom service:

Zoom Calls Are Routed Through China

It is important to note that while MaX Meeting uses some components from Zoom (e.g. In Meeting video technology), our service is hosted on a completely separate server. While all Zoom meetings are routed through China, Xtel’s MaX Meeting servers are exclusively hosted in the USA.

Zoom Is Sharing And Selling User Data

It has been reported that Zoom is sharing and selling your personal user data to 3rd party marketers. This data can include names, addresses and any other identifying data including job titles, employers, Facebook profiles, and device specifications.

Xtel has a dedicated server with a separate subscriber database for our users. Our software controls what information is provisioned into our server – and this does not include email, address, job titles etc.

Xtel cannot sell your data because we do not collect your data.

“Zoom Bombing”

You may have read about instances of “zoom bombing”. This occurs when an uninvited attendee breaks into and disrupts an online meeting.

There are several MaX Meeting features that can be used to mitigate the risk from this vulnerability, including:

  • Meetings can have password protection.
  • Waiting rooms require the host to actively admit new participants.
  • The Host can view the participation list, lock their meeting, and remove participants.
  • Chime upon entry notifies the participants when someone new joins the meeting.
  • The server will not indicate whether a requested meeting ID is valid or invalid, making automated scanning for valid meeting IDs more difficult and time consuming for an individual attempting to bomb.
  • The server will detect repeated attempts to scan for meeting IDs and block the IP address.

We hope we were able to address your concerns about Zoom meetings and illustrate how Xtel MaX Meeting is a superior offering.