Managed XDR

What is Managed XDR (MXDR)

The cyber security needs of today’s businesses has changed dramatically. Today’s businesses are reinventing the workplace, the way they communicate, how they connect, and the way they collaborate. Your business needs to stay connected seamlessly but in a sage manner using managed extended detection and response (MXDR).

Managed extended detection and response is a vendor-agnostic XDR solution that consolidates multiple security products into a single platform to better detect and respond to a variety of threats. This platform allows and empowers security teams to more quickly and conveniently identify threats and breaches and provides context around incidents that can bolster and speed up response and remediation.

It’s simple, educating your employees is a crucial part of staying safe within your network. We understand this firsthand as we are cyber security experts. We use the most up to date technology so businesses know what to look for and how to act if/when a cyber-attack occurs. We are experts in creating a seamless managed extended detection and response program that works for you and your organization to protect and propel you forward.

Xtel's Managed XDR (MXDR)

With managed extended detection and response from Xtel, you get a seamless program that monitors, educates, and identifies cyber threats all in one platform. Cybercrime is rampant and businesses need to rely on one source when protecting their infratructure, this is where (MXDR) comes into play with manageable streams of robust security, better threat detection and event faster response times.

XDR for businesses is a full featured program that enables you to you to optimize security analyst time and workload, XDR systems maximize efficiency.

Extended detection and response key features:

  • Comprehensive, automatic sensor-based data collection
  • Physical (on-premises) and cloud visibility
  • Integrated IDS/IPS paired with AI to reduce false positives
  • 50,000+ detections for known and unknown behaviors, mapped to the cybersecurity kill chain
  • Simple, easy-to-use GUI dashboards
  • Advanced analytics and data-lake mining
  • Built-in integration with other solutions
  • Integration with other systems, for GRC and more
  • APIs data export


Built-in event-response and case-management capabilities:

  • Create a trouble ticket
  • Trigger email, Slack and restful API alerts
  • Automatically send out PDF reports
  • Signal firewalls to take appropriate action

Key Benefits of Managed XDR (MXDR)

  • Increased visibility – XDR expands an enterprise’s view, offering a fuller understanding of its security landscape. By integrated telemetry data across multiple endpoints, networks, email, applications, and more, XDR illuminates relationships between alerts and various incidents, creating broader threat visibility. 
  • Alert management – XDR reduces the amount of time analysts spend manually investigating threats. Correlated alerts streamline notifications and reduce noise in analyst inboxes. By collating related alerts, an XDR system increases efficiency and provides a more complete picture of incident. 
  • Incident prioritization – XDR evaluates incidents and provides weighted assessments to prioritize remediation and recommend actions aligned with key industry or regulatory standards, or an enterprise’s custom requirements. 
  • Automated tasks – XDR offers tools that automate repetitive tasks and reduce analyst labor. 
  • Increase efficiency – XDR’s centralized management tools increase the accuracy of alerts and simplify the number of solutions analysts must access to assess threats.
  • Real time threat detection XDR identifies threats in real time and deploys automated remediations, eliminating access or reducing the amount of time an attacker has access to enterprise data and systems. 
  • Integrated response across multiple security tools – XDR remediates threats across all enterprise security products, and provides centralized analytics, response, and remediation. 

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