Hosted Fax

Xtel Hosted Fax Solutions

Inbound and Outbound Faxing Solutions Designed to Meet the Needs of your Business

Xtel Hosted Fax Solutions enables organizations to replace old antiquated fax infrastructure and telephony to allow for a better user experience that makes faxing as easy as sending or receiving an email.

Benefits of Hosted Fax

  • Cost Savings – Shift your fax service from CAPEX to OPEX and have better control over the cost of operations. Cut office expenses and track costs across departments and individual users.
  • Fax Solutions for Every Business – Volume discounts, aggregate use options, metered and bundled plans.
  • No Hardware Purchase – No additional hardware or software and the solution integrates into existing IT and email infrastructure.
  • Seamless Migration – Port POTS lines, traditional copper, local, and toll-free numbers.
  • Easy-to-Use / Anywhere Access – Paperless fax solutions available from anywhere there is an internet connection.
  • Unlimited Scalability – No matter the number of faxes, ten or ten million, our infrastructure is fully equipped to handle your business needs. Never a busy line,
    send and receive multiple faxes at once.
  • Reliability – Global redundant architecture with multiple carriers and thousands of phone lines strategically distributed around the globe that provide 100% uptime

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