Simplify Your Modern Telecom Program

Simplify Your Telecommunications Plan By Consolidating Services

Can you believe there are teachers out there who didn’t have a landline phone in the classroom when they started teaching?! Since then, school communication needs have continued to expand at an astounding rate and scope. From desk phones, to enterprise internet and mobile phone lines, the services and bandwidth needed to run a modern school now seem endless.

To cover all these needs, many schools try to piece together comprehensive telecom service from multiple providers. This strategy brings with it extra work, extra cost, and extra risk. Why not simplify the process and choose a provider with decades of experience providing services to the education sector, as well as a forward thinking product line that offers the best of emerging technologies?

COVID-19 Product Release Update: In order to help meet the new, distributed needs of students who are learning from home, Xtel has leveraged its long-term relationships with several major 4G providers to create a universal coverage subscription for in-home, student internet access (including in-home routers).

Instead of buying services a-la-carte from unproven providers, check out these benefits of consolidating all your telecom contracts with Xtel Communications:

1.  Skip the Research, RFP, Bidding, and Negotiation Phases (ESCNJ Approved!)

ESCNJ has done ALL of that legwork and Xtel is proud to have received multiple bid awards for our Unified Communications, Internet Access and Voice Services which offer group discount rates!  Not only do you benefit from these negotiations, you avoid having to sign multiple contracts with multiple providers to hobble together a service package.

All you need to do is signup to take advantage of this existing relationship.


2.  Saving Money With Bundled Services

Like most telecom providers Xtel is able to offer a discount when you choose to buy multiple services. Not only that, there will be significant savings for your school right off the bat from ESCNJ’s already negotiated group rate. Breaking your coverage into smaller contracts with multiple providers can’t offer this kind of savings.

E-Rate Questions?  We can help.  With 25 years of experience navigating the unique needs and funding requirements presented by public school districts, Xtel can be a valuable partner for any school system. 


3.  Get Seamless Service Integration and Support

Do your phones connect with your wifi seamlessly? What if teachers are making calls offsite? Are they forced to make calls from their personal cell phone without the ability to mask their number? If you have multiple providers, do you know who to call when there is an outage?

Consolidating all of your services under an Xtel contract eliminates those concerns.  Products designed to work together, AND a single point of contact for support or emergencies can save you a lot of headaches!


4.  Scale with Ease

Xtel knows that schools grow, and that new technologies sometimes mean new services.  When all of your services are from one provider you can easily scale the entire system up as needed.


5.  Link Internet Access and Network Security

In today’s world, it seems impossible to run a school without internet and phone services. But what will happen If your school becomes the target of a DDoS attack?   By choosing to silo with Xtel, all of the incoming and outgoing traffic on the network can be monitored with our ultra-fast fraud and bot detection to prevent forced outages from traffic attacks. Get the system that has security integrated with its Internet service.

Consolidating with Xtel should be a win all around: less paperwork, less cost, less risk, less troubleshooting, and more connectivity!

Now Offering Pre-Approved, Group-Discount Internet Access to ESCNJ Schools.