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Optimum Data Center Network Security & Reliability

In today’s constantly changing world, organizations need and demand telecommunications solutions that come with top notch reliability and service as well as the fastest speeds available. With Xtel, your data and voice services will be delivered over our private network, equipped with the latest and greatest in security and high performance features to bring you the very best.

Xtel’s Data Center is located within the premier carrier hotel in Philadelphia, PA. This ultra-secure facility houses all core network components and helps maintain Xtel’s industry leading SLA standards.

Data Center Power
  • Two separate power substations
  • Both AC and DC power feeds
  • Double-conversion UPS units are paralleled for additional capacity
  • Two diesel generators for emergency power, with 36+ hours of fuel on site
  • Battery bank for additional emergency power
Data Center Environmental
  • Cooling Systems – precision chilled water units provide N+1 cooling
  • Humidification – Liebert humidification system
  • Fire Suppression – Double interlocked, pre-action dry pipe water system
Data Center Security
  • Access Control – Software House C*CURE Access Control System
  • Intrusion Detection – 24/7 central monitoring
  • Video Surveillance – IP video recording system
  • Biometrics – Palm scan and photo ID access card authentication

Located within this highly secure Data Center is Xtel’s core network. We have taken painstaking efforts to partner with only the best companies for routing and switching equipment, and top-notch carrier network software providers. Xtel maintains partnerships with such companies as Cisco and Metaswitch, who help Xtel’s core network provide some of the fastest and most secure routing and switching capabilities available in the market today. Highlights include:

  • Multiple Cisco ASR 9000 edge routers, providing the highest available density and performance in the industry.
  • Multiple Cisco 6500 series switches, the world’s leading network switching and services platform.
  • Metaswitch Class 4 and Class 5 voice switch and Hosted PBX/Unified Communications Platform. Metaswitch is the world leading carrier network software provider for communication networks.

These robust network components translate to powerful telecommunications service offerings with industry leading SLAs.

From the Xtel Data Center, Xtel can interconnect with most Tier 1 networks as well as many regional network providers, thus expanding the reach and density of its network throughout the entire domestic United States and the world. This enhanced network density and reach, coupled with direct peering relationships with companies like Google, directly affects how fast Xtel customers can access desired websites or servers throughout the Internet by significantly decreasing the hop count between disparate networks.

Xtel is currently interconnected with multiple Tier 1 and 2 network providers, including Level 3, Cogent, Comcast and Verizon. Xtel utilizes multiple network providers in order to deliver the fastest network speeds, low latency and jitter, and maximum up time. If one Internet route should become disabled, traffic is automatically diverted to a secondary or tertiary route.

Outside the Philadelphia Data Center, Xtel has several other network facilities where other network assets reside. These facilities are strategically located to allow customers to easily access Xtel’s network by using several last-mile connections, including fiber Ethernet circuits, optical Ethernet circuits and DS1 circuits. All facilities are interconnected with a self-healing fiber ring, providing network speeds up to 100 Gbps. That means that once you are on the Xtel network, you get to where you need to go quickly.

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