Get Improved Internet Access For Your School

How to Get Improved Internet Service for Your School - Without the Bidding Process!

Xtel Communications is proud to have been awarded contracts with the Educational Services Commission of New Jersey (ESCNJ) to provide superior, enterprise-level internet access services and managed phone systems at a significantly reduced cost.

Upgrade Providers and Save Without the Hassle

As a service to the schools that it represents, the ESCNJ has done all of the leg work to fast-track your due diligence, RFP review, negotiation, and bid award. They’ve written all the service specifications, vetted bid submissions, and negotiated great, group rates on behalf of their members. It’s never been easier to enjoy reduced pricing for your internet service. Your school can simply opt into the existing DRLAP RFP results and choose the vendor that was awarded the services that the school is seeking – in this case, Xtel Communications.

Take the Risk Out of Changing Vendors

It can be daunting to put your stamp of approval on a new vendor or convince stakeholders that you’re making the right vendor decisions. Remove the worry by letting a larger organization research and recommend vendors. Xtel is fully approved as a legitimate, high quality service provider by the ESCNJ.

The Educational Services Commission of New Jersey (ESCNJ) is the largest Educational Services Commission in New Jersey, providing educational and business services to over 700 school districts and municipalities throughout the state. With decades of trust behind them, you can rely on their recommendations with assurance.

How Can I Get More Information About Switching to Xtel?

We’re happy to talk about your school’s internet and phone needs. In addition to skipping the approval and bidding processes, you’ll also get access to our educational institution install experience.

Now Offering Pre-Approved, Group-Discount Internet Access to ESCNJ Schools.