DDos Attacks

Does the Threat of a DDoS Attack Keep Your IT Department Up At Night?

Using a relatively simple strategy called DDoS, malicious actors can quickly attack your school’s network and take it offline for hours, days, or weeks. While the average attack results in 3-6 hours of downtime and costs a few thousand dollars to fix, in a worst case scenario, your institution’s invaluable, private data can be lost or exposed forever.

While your school’s network may not seem like a financial draw for attackers, schools are increasingly a target of hackers who understand the importance of online school resources. According to Karspersky.com, January through June 2020 saw a 350% month over month increase in school DDoS attacks over the same months in 2019.

What Is A DDoS Attack?

A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is an overwhelming assault of traffic, staged by hackers, on a website, computer, or network. DDoS attacks can cause network congestion, data loss, major service outages, and exposure of regulated and non-regulated data.

Sleep Soundly with Xtel’s “Cleanpipe” Technology

Xtel Cleanpipe solution provides the most comprehensive and adaptive suite of threat detection capabilities in the industry, designed to protect diverse resources from complex, blended attacks. The technology is integrated into our systems, engineered for risk mitigation from the ground up.

Features of the protective capabilities include statistical anomaly detection, protocol anomaly detection, fingerprint matching and profiled anomaly detection. Xtel’s Cleanpipe continually learns and adapts in real-time, alerting operators to attacks, as well as to unusual changes in demand and service levels.

Divide and Conquer: DDoS Mitigation In Only Seconds!

Xtel’s systems not only have next generation DDoS detection in place, its mitigation systems are able identify, blacklist, and remove malicious traffic in seconds flat. This ability to siphon off attack traffic while maintaining access for normal users prevents total outage and damage to users and devices on the network. Filtering out the massive load of bad traffic before it causes irreparable damage is possible because of Xtel’s comprehensive security approach. 

For more technical information about Xtel’s DDoS mitigation measures see the full article or call for a consultation about your school’s security needs.

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