Cyber Security Awareness Training

Cyber Security Awareness Training

The cyber security awareness needs of today’s businesses has changed drastically. Today’s businesses are reinventing the workplace, the way they communicate, how they connect, and the way they collaborate.

Mobile and disparate workforces need to connect from anywhere, over any device at any time-never missing a call or connection. Your business needs to stay connected seamlessly but in a safe manner using cyber awareness training.

It’s simple, educating your employees is a crucial part of staying safe within your network. We understand this firsthand as we are cyber security experts. We use the most up to date technology so businesses know what to look for and how to act if/when a cyber-attack occurs. We are experts in creating a cyber awareness program that works for you and your organization to protect and propel you forward.

Xtel's Cyber Security Awareness Training

With Cyber Security Awareness Training from Xtel, you get a seamless program that educates, tests, monitors, and alerts your employees about cyber security risks. Cyber Security Awareness Training allows the user to learn at their own pace and become more familiar with what specific cyber threats and vulnerabilities to look for if/when an attack occurs.


Cyber Security Awareness Training is a full featured program that enables you to learn and train about cyber security threats and attacks.

Cyber Security Awareness Training key features:

  • Email Breach Alerts
  • Domain Threat (doppelganger) Alerts
  • Policy PRO/Compliance Tracking (add-on)
  • Cyber Threat Surveillance (darknet monitoring) (add-on)


Educate Your Employees

  • Real Treats=Real Training
  • Supported by efficient communications
  • Challenge employees with real world situations
  • Train on the most critical cyber topics
  • Measure results, gamify for success
  • Include your policies and procedures
  • Add-on compliance modules as needed


Cyber Security Awareness Test

  • Quality Phishing Simulations-users will identify (or fall for) simulated phishing events designed to replicate cyber criminal attacks
  • Highly Customized Spoofs-highest level of difficulty, recreate almost any scenario to socially engineer your own population with known situations
  • Training Activities and Quizzes-test users ability to understand safe cyber practices
  • Dark Web Hygiene-measure users’ ability to respond to and remediate password compromises


Monitor and Alert on Ongoing Vulnerabilities 

  • Report on phishing successes and failures
  • Alert on users training engagement
  • Alert on lookalike domain threats
  • Monitor breach databases for compromised employees credentials
  • Alert breached users; track remediation of vulnerabilities
  • Alert on New Users and add to curriculum


Program Management and Reporting

Program Management and Reporting key features:

  • Implementation failure is the #1 risk point for security awareness programs
  • Kick-off messages and communication best practices for client use
  • Create curriculum for client approval
  • Provide clean reporting on monthly basis
  • Help troubleshoot issues with client helpdesk
  • Easy change/add/modification requests
  • We own the program success!

Overall Benefits of Cyber Security Awareness Training

  • Program Management – Ensure program success through our managed services program, content curriculum approved by the company, monthly reporting available. 
  • Scalability – Easily grow your cyber awareness training platform as your company grows.  No more limitations on users. 
  • User-friendly – The simple to use training program allows easy access, modifications, and changes made efficiently.
  • Peace of mind – 24/7 support and monitoring on phishing successes and failures, alerts on user training engagement and much more. 
  • Gamification – Users rewarded with points, admins have visibility to individual risk ratings, managers can see team member performance. 

Cyber Security Awareness Training For Compliancy

Cyber security awareness training is crucial for a variety of businesses, school districts, and even in the healthcare industry, but what is essential is security compliance. This area of cybersecurity is what involves learning and the skills that are necessary to understand and mitigate cybersecurity risk with existing compliance plans or plans needed to be created. Organizations must achieve compliance by establishing risk-based controls that protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability (CIA) of information. In the healthcare Industry, handling sensitive information such as social security numbers, and Health Information Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA)-compliant data, must ensure compliance at all times. Our world has become even more digital than before and as technology evolves, employees, patients, and staff need to be protected from cyber threats and attacks.

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