Copper to Fiber Conversion

Copper to Fiber Conversion
Why is Verizon Retiring its Copper?

Verizon is replacing their copper facilities with a more reliable, newer fiber-optic technology to deliver increased reliability, improved resistance to weather and faster repair times. In addition, fiber optics offers excellent voice quality and higher bandwidth potential to meet today’s digital demands and the possibilities of tomorrow.

What can I expect?

This migration is REQUIRED. The installation process is simple and requires that you work with Xtel to seamlessly move your service. We will work with your schedule and do all the leg work with Verizon.

Will I have to change my current service, and will the price increase?

The upgrade to fiber-optic technology, which will be performed at no cost to you, will give you access to the same voice service you currently have at the same price.

Will I be charged for the fiber installation or the new equipment?

There is no charge for the fiber extension to your business, nor is there a charge for any necessary equipment to migrate your telephone service to fiber.

What is the installation process?

Xtel will contact you to schedule an site survey and/or installation appointment with Verizon. You will also need to provide access to a grounded electrical outlet, which Verizon needs to power the equipment. We will work with you to identify a convenient installation date. On the day of installation, the Verizon technician will install the equipment and ensure that your voice service is working properly with your equipment.

What equipment is needed in order for me to upgrade to fiber?

Verizon will extend the fiber optic facilities to your location and the technician will install the Optical Network Terminal (ONT). The placement of this equipment will vary depending the lay out of your business/school. We will be able to use the existing wiring your existing telephones.

What is the battery backup?

The battery power unit is designed to provide you with backup power for your voice service in the event of a commercial power outage. Without the backup power unit, you will not have voice service during a power outage, and, if you have an alarm system, it may not be able to dial out to a central monitoring station. The backup power unit will allow you to make telephone calls on a corded telephone handset, but it will not power telephones with cordless handsets, alarm system equipment, or other devices or equipment that require power. To power those devices during a commercial power outage, you will need an alternative power source such as a generator.

What about 911 for emergencies?

There will be no changes to the 911 emergency services as a result of upgrading to a fiber network. In the event of an extended power outage that fully depletes battery power in the backup power unit, please put in a set of new batteries in order to place telephone calls, including 911 calls, from a corded telephone handset. Or you can use an alternative such as a cell phone to dial 911.

What happens if I do not schedule an appointment with Xtel?

Your services maybe suspended on or after 45 days from the date of your notification letter, if you do not allow reasonable access to your premises to install, maintain, or replace equipment and facilities that will enable Verizon to move your service to our fiber-optic facilities. Once your service is suspended, you will only be able to call 9-1-1. Approximately 14 days after being suspended, Verizon service at your address will be disconnected unless you allow Verizon to move your service to fiber-optic facilities.

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