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Xtel’s Cloud Data Storage Services

Xtel’s cloud data storage service uses an agentless architecture, allowing you to centrally manage and automate backups. That means less worry and less labor, and because you only pay for the amount of data you back up, less cost as well.

Your data is de-duplicated, compressed, and then our software safely and securely encrypts the data using the highest encryption standards. Finally the data is sent to our SAS-70 compliant data centers — providing high-speed data backups with the smallest bandwidth requirements.


Disaster Recovery: Secure Business Continuity

Data backup is only part of the equation. What happens if you lose data and need to recover it? Xtel’s online backup and disaster recovery service protects your organization’s data and information so that you can easily and quickly restore your systems when an outage strikes. Your critical data is encrypted and stored off-site in one of our secure data centers. After a failure or outage, your information can be restored to standby servers so that your business continues to operate.

  • Quick data restores (within hours, sometimes minutes!)
  • Anytime access to your data
  • Backup Lifecycle Management (BLM)
  • Continuous Data Protection (CDP)

High Availability (HA): Cloud Replication

For organizations that simply can’t afford downtime, Xtel’s High Availability recovery service is the perfect solution. This cloud-based service replicates and mirrors systems and data in real time from your organization’s production facility to our data centers. Data can be accessed and restored in a matter of minutes.

  • FIPS 140-2 Certified
  • Resolve synchronization issues as they occur
  • Perform role swap process for virtual and live role swap tests
  • 24/7 automated monitoring of HA environment

Email Archiving: Worry-Free Compliance

Email needs to be archived for many reasons. Xtel’s email archiving service is a secure email archiving solution that will help your business become compliant in various industries such as education, government, healthcare and finance. The tool intercepts all inbound and outbound emails and instant messages as they are communicated, for real time filtering and analytics. Emails become searchable documents that are easily retrieved for regulatory, legal and corporate governance purposes as well as for audits and internal review.

Key Features

  • Real time policy enforcement via scanning emails against customizable business rules
  • Offers both basic and advanced search capabilities for fast, user-friendly retrieval, review and export of archived documents


  • Satisfies Freedom of Information Act, Sunshine Laws, Open Meeting requirements, CFR11, FDA and Patriot Act and many more requirements
  • Satisfies Sarbanes-Oxley Section 103(a), Section 801(a), Section 104(a), Section 501(a), Section 105(b), and Section 301(4)
  • Satisfies SEC Rule 17a-3, 17a-4 Archiving Requirements, NASD Rule 3010(d), and NYSE Rule 342c
  • Complies with sections of HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, CFTC, and provides legal and accounting audit and litigation support

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