Businesses Big & Small Stay Ahead Of The Game
With Telecommunication Services To The Power Of X
Your business can thrive when resources spent on managing telecommunications are redirected toward increasing revenue

Communications play a vital role in attracting and retaining a solid customer base. From initial contact to signed contract, keeping the lines of communication open between you and your customer while keeping overhead costs down is crucial. You might also rely on vendors, agents or partners for important components of your business operations. Efficient communication with those groups can be equally important.

Xtel provides a full range of business telecommunications services at prices that let you maintain the competitive edge necessary to survive and thrive in today’s increasingly aggressive marketplace.

Converging technology (merging voice and data over a single Internet connection) has forever changed the way businesses communicate. Maintaining and constantly investing in our own facilities means customers, regardless of size, can enjoy service options and scalability previously available only to larger enterprise customers. More options mean more opportunity to grow your customer base.

Take internal resources that currently manage telecommunications systems and shift them toward core business operations. That’s ROI…to the Power of X.


VoIP Phone Systems provide eXceptional benefits and outstanding value for your business.  Create a phone network that lets your workforce communicate seamlessly and instantly.  Set up dedicated hotlines with always-on messages.  The possibilities and advantages are endless!


High-speed Internet is a critical component in your company’s ability to communicate and collaborate 24/7. Is your Internet fast and reliable enough to meet the needs of your data and communications?


Wi-Fi Capacity is an ever-increasing need as more and more devices are being used by businesses everywhere. We can help! Need to connect office locations in a city, state or across the country? WAN Networks provide immediate benefits by centralizing IT and maximizing efficiency.


Cloud Solutions enable “anywhere – anytime” collaboration for your executives and workforce. With our robust IP network backbone at your service, your company’s file and data management systems are handled securely and privately.

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