To Cloud Based UC We Go

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Even though adoption for cloud based services and communications is growing at a steady pace in the education and commercial sectors, there’s still a lot of hesitation and lack of understanding that comes with relying on external companies for critical business processes and infrastructure. Xtel’s goal has always been to custom tailor solutions to business needs while educating along the way.

A phased or tiered approach can ease concerns about putting important functions of business operation in someone else’s hands. But the benefits really outweigh the costs. Ask us how.

“Despite all the benefits that cloud based systems offer over the legacy communications systems, the fact of the matter is that the vast majority of businesses do not have the capital or the time to suddenly jump ship and replace their communications system overnight.Instead, market trends have shown that businesses tend to make this transition in conjunction with some other large shift within their organization. Perhaps they are acquired or merge with another company. Maybe they have to scale rapidly due to a sudden uptick in sales. It could even be something as simple as moving to a new venue. In all three of these scenarios, there is some other transition going on that not only justifies but also compliments an overhaul of the communications system.”

Source: TMCnet