Many areas of technology and IT seem naturally fitted to saving money, optimizing productivity and helping you run your business better. But what about your phone system? It might feel like a necessary evil, a system that simply is what it is and will always cost more money and trouble than it’s worth. But that’s not true anymore.

Traditional landline-based business phone systems require a closet full of equipment in your office. That on-site PBX (Private Branch Exchange) controls the features of your phone system and routes incoming calls. Installing a new feature or taking advantage of a system update requires an on-site visit by a technician who’s likely there as part of a lengthy and pricey maintenance contract, or an even pricier out of contract visit.

Hosted PBX does a 180 degree turn from the traditional business phone system by taking the VoIP concept one step further and placing all phone system equipment in your provider’s data center, which means no on-site equipment and no maintenance needed.

Here are 5 reasons your business needs Hosted PBX:

Hosted PBX#1: Growth without growing pains.
Hosted PBX is flexible and scales easily as your company changes in size and needs. No more astronomical costs to change call routing, add lines or users and implement new features.

#2: Work anywhere.
It’s no longer just about what works inside your office building. More and more people are working from home, on the road or a combination of locations, and those mobile workers need to be able to take their extensions and voicemail with them. Hosted PBX makes that easy. Remote workers connect seamlessly to the home office and have access to the same features via their computer, tablet or smart phone. Customers get the same experience and won’t know whether your best salesperson is working from the office, from a hotel room or from home.

#3: Instant image boost.
If you’re a smaller company that wants the more polished and sophisticated image of a larger company, Hosted PBX is your ticket. Features like auto attendant, advanced call routing, virtual/vanity numbers and conference bridging make you look just like one of the big guys (without the big price).

#4: Save time and get more done.
Time and resources spent managing an outdated phone system can be shifted toward core business processes and helping your business reach its goals. Your IT team can wash its hands of phone system management and leave that up to your service provider. Time-saving features like advanced call routing, ring groups, voicemail to email and more make it easy to customize your phone system to meet your unique needs.

#5: Save money.
Hosted PBX phone systems require very little capital expenditure and can help you save up to 50% or more on monthly costs versus traditional systems. You won’t be locked into pricey long-term maintenance contracts, either. Total costs of ownership with hosted PBX are drastically lower than other phone systems.

Lowering costs is not always a good reason to make a change. If you’re paying less but getting less, there could be a negative impact on your business. Not so in this case. Saving money is a no brainer reason to switch to Hosted PBX because in addition to saving money, you also get less headaches and increased functionality.

Talk to one of our experts today and see how Hosted PBX can help you save time and money, and focus on what’s really important – running and growing your business.

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