Borough of Berlin incorporated in 1927 is located in Camden County New Jersey. It’s home to 7,588 citizens that rely on the Borough’s administration and police for assistance and help on a daily basis. At the end of 2016 the wanted to upgrade the phone system for better communications and contain costs. Rhino World Inc., an agent of Xtel Communications, brought the problem to Xtel for a better solution. There were a number of challenges that Xtel occurred during the project. The most significant being the Police “red phone”.

The Borough Police have a phone that connects to all the neighboring townships and boroughs for assistance. When this phone was original established older technology at the time made it simple to use and set up. Simply by picking up the phone all the other phones connected would ring. The challenge was in converting that technology to a modern Voice over IP platform. Xtel was able to accomplish that by converting the signal form digital to analog and creating a dialing plan to make sure all the other phones rang. Xtel was also able to create a simple speed dial button on all the police officers phone so everyone had instant access to the service.

The other challenge that Xtel had was in line consolidation and identification. Typical of a public entity, when administration have personnel turn over and changes, records are lost, new accounts created when phone lines get ordered and vendors don’t often relay vital information from one vendor to another when contracts change.

Xtel was tasked to clean up and consolidate line that were no longer necessary and simplify the billing for the administration. Xtel took over 26 different customer service records and was able to consolidate it down to a simple few. The new hosted PBX and remaining required POTs lines (for faxes, alarms, and monitoring systems).

The Borough now has brand new phones, a hosted PBX system that is monitored and serviced by Xtel Communications and a living working document that show all the numbers, extensions and function of each user.

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